Specialists in the printing of Car stickers, Window decals, Shipping container stickers, Product labels, Fan-folded blank labels, coloured and fluoro blank labels, Banners and signs, Advertising, Company logos, Alpha/Numeric stickers, Equipment Serial numbers, OH&S stickers and much more.

At ABC Decals & Labels we are happy to give you advise on the right product for the job. We have successfully worked with a range of clients, from local small businesses, to large corporations, to supply high grade, PMS colour matched stickers and labels.

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1.  Clean application area thoroughly before applying decal. Decals must only be applied to a smooth clean surface, free from oil, grease, dust and grime. Wash solvent residue off with soap and water.

2.  Newly painted surfaces must be left for 36 hours before decals can be applied, so that solvent can evaporate. Otherwise the solvent vapours will attack the glue on the decal

3. Do not apply decals to a cold or hot surface (as in hot sunlight). Ideal temperature 15 degrees to 25 degrees C.

4. For large stickers and high tack stickers, you need a bucket of detergent water (1oz to 4 Litres of water), sponge and a flat surface squeegee.

5.  Lightly sponge application area with detergent water and apply decal, which can be slipped and aligned while area is wet. When decal is in position. squeegee water and bubbles out from middle of decal to all sides until decal is secure and free of water and bubbles. Pat dry with clean cloth.


Our vinyl range includes Engineering grade reflective, fluoro, marine, shipping container vinyl, reflective polyester and much more. Our banners and coreflute signs come with industrial eyelets and ropes, if required. ABC Decals & Labels is leading the way in sign quality. For all your sticker and sign solutions call us today.

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We love working to deadlines to ensure you have your product on time, from order to delivery. Our expertise in stickers and signs is well-respected in the industry. To receive a quote or discuss your signage needs, give us a call today.

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We provide a free delivery service within the Sydney metropolitan area. Couriers or Australia post are used for deliveries to country areas, Interstate and Overseas.